The Individual Coaching Starter Pack!

This is a great way to ‘get your feet wet’ if you are new to all things 1 to 1 “Coaching”!If you are ready to dive in and get a taste for what its like to treat yoself, this one is for you.
We meet online for 3 private Coaching Calls, every other week… or so!
And our connection doesn’t stop there! Outside of our Face-to-Face calls you can connect via Text &/or Voice-notes (VN’s are my JAM!!) so that you have access when you need a little extra support in-between sessions.
Think of me as your ‘Wing Woman’ for allllll the things in trouble-shooting life 🙂


The ‘Deep Dive’
The ‘OG’,
The Transformation of All Transforations!

More Details to Come!