What a year!! 4 Keys to Make 2019 A Success!

What a year!!! What an absolutely incredible year!!!

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I got caught up this year – I’m wondering if you can relate? What I mean by that is, I got caught up at always looking forward to the ‘next’ thing, the ‘next’ milestone. When goals were accomplished, I didn’t acknowledge them or celebrate the hard personal and otherwise work that had gone into their achievement!
It was just all of a sudden a part of my life, filling into a space in the ‘line’ of other goals I had  set out for, achieved and then piled up in the ‘done’ pile.

How often do we take the time to reflect and look back at all of the incredible things we have accomplished in a week, a month, 6 months, the whole year?

What a F^&KING year!!!

2018 was a lot of firsts and I learned a HECK of a lot. I wanted to recap some of the most impactful lessons learned, in hopes that one or more of them can also help you along your journey.

2018 marks the first full year in business as a Life Coach in Danielle Reaume Coaching and Consulting. I had the opportunity to help amazing men and women fall more in love with themselves and discovered who they are in their truest light.

The clients shed limiting beliefs, old patterns that were no longer serving them. Partner relationships healed, grew stronger and layers of ‘stuff’ that clouded the true love that they have for one another was lifted. What a beautiful gift. I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to serve every client I met with, every person who attended a workshop or training program and whomever I met with in networking capacities and for my own personal and professional development. Thank you all for allowing me to serve my purpose.

On a personal level; I tried A LOT of different/new things. From learning accounting for the business and the beautiful opportunities of frustration and then growth that came with that. Getting really clear on who I wanted to work with and so many other tasks and work around that with a few lovely business coaches 😊

I stepped into the originally MEGA uncomfortable space of Social Media in the form of regular content writing, video show creation, workshop delivery and competing in my first ever speaking competition!

By far what stretched me the most was the output of the Live Your Life Purpose Program… more on that learning below.

By joining groups in the Barrie Business Community, I was able to bring my business growth to new heights to allow me to receive the abundance of clients that I worked with. The importance of community has been a constant thread this whole year through. In all of life really.

I opened myself up to love!!! THIS one might be the MOST uncomfortable. I had done alllll the work, theoretically. Logically. And then it was time to receive! …stay tuned for more in the blog coming out in early 2019 for more on the love lessons!

Four Keys to Make 2019 a Success:

  1. MAKE FEAR YOUR FRIEND: The thing is, fear is a feeling. It is something that is inevitable in anything that we do! And the more worth while and soul-vibing it is, the scarier it might feel. But is it fear? Or is it excitement disguised as fear?
    You will never feel 100% ready for the next big career promotion, relationship, journey into parenting, etc. its all about feeling the fear and doing it anyways. Take that LEAP!! You’ve got this!!!
  2. SHARE YOUR MESSAGE: You never know who needs to hear your message, story, etc.
    We ALL have a story to share and the ones that we most need to can sometimes feel a bit shameful. The thing is; shame cannot exist when we are sharing the story and owning it and sharing the pieces that we want to share with the world. The beautiful part of telling our stories is that we get to re-create the outcome and give the context the meaning that we received after the experience had taken place. That is where the growth is. Speak it, write about it, draw or paint it, sing about it, whatever form feels best to you, embrace that and go for it!
  3. SMASH THE COMFORT ZONE: Get yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things if you want to develop deeper confidence, if you want to figure out more of who you are and what makes you happy. It won’t happen sitting on the couch watching TV or being bummed out about whatever did or didn’t happen that day.
    By all means, have a pity party from time to time. But set a time frame of when that party is going to end and take action. Ask yourself “What can I be doing or not doing differently, then I am doing or not doing now”?
  4. CELEBRATE: Take in ALL that you are doing and focusing on the celebrations, wins and what you are absolutely crushing in any given moment and especially over the year.
    Earlier this month at a workshop we had the opportunity to reflect on the areas in body, mind and spirit that we excelled in this year. Ill be honest, I was far less proud and not acknowledging nearly half of the growth, experience and successes that I had in 2018. So often we are working towards the next paycheck, the next ‘to do’, the next thing that is coming our way and then we blink and years ago by. We end up breezing past all of the moment
    s that meant something to us.

Get out and have some FUN!!

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It has been an absolutely incredible experience sharing stories, ideas, lessons and learning with you over the last 12 months and I look forward to bringing more connection, community and experiences to this platform in 2019!!!

Wishing you the very best this holiday season and a Happy New Year!!

Dream BIG my Friends,
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