Get to know me

I’m a Confidence Coach with a passion for helping you discover or rediscover who you really are, what you really want, and what’s stopping you from having it. I love working with you  to create a custom plan to get you exactly where you want to go. Life is a journey, but sometimes we get off track. I’m like a personal navigation system that helps you re-route. Or if you need to get there faster, I can help you reach your destination in plenty of time to enjoy your life more genuinely.
I call it – levelling up!

BUT wait a minute, I guess I should tell how I got here.
Well, I was busy living my life the same way most people do. I was travelling along what I thought was my path doing everything I thought I should do to become who I thought I should be. The trouble is that I got LOST. Rather than becoming ME, I became a colourful mosaic of all the people I had tried to please along the way.
In 2016, I realized that I had all the symptoms of a ‘Pleaser’:

– The need to pretend everything is perfect

– The unquenchable desire to “Fit In.”

– The complete silencing of your intuition

– The desire to consistently meet the needs of others while neglecting your own

– Extreme physical, emotional and mental exhaustion

My prescription: A Coach of my own

It was by far the best decision I ever made.
While working with my coach in a version of the
Infuse Program and other modalities, I quickly developed the skills that I needed to become resilient, emotionally healthy, and to find my authentic self. All the tools that I needed to Live Life on Purpose. Now I have dedicated myself to helping my clients do the same!

I’m Dani Reaume.

Who are YOU?