Danielle Reaume is a Relationship Expert.

Hello & Welcome! I am SO happy, grateful and EXCITED you are here!!

Before my Journey in Relationship Coaching began, I spent 14 exciting years building relationships in the Hospitality Industry where I excelled as a Restaurant Manager and Catering Sales Manager. I fulfilled a lifelong dream within these two roles as I had the opportunity to execute hundreds of weddings and special events. What I loved the most was the ability to bond with and build genuine relationships.
Along the way I always immersed myself into my deep-passion of personal development. I participated in Human Relations Courses, Public Speaking & Leadership Groups & Training Programs to continue learning and fuelling this passion.

There came a point in my career when everything came to an abrupt halt. I found myself Stuck, on Autopilot, as if riding a hamster wheel in life. Every day felt like the same, I had lost my ZEST for life as I knew it, I used to shine so bright within and shone onto others.

In 2016, through a lot of self-reflection and my own personal journey working with a Life Coach I realized that I had spent the better part of my life wearing masks; being who I thought peers, significant others and even family members wanted me to be. That if I did things a certain way, then I would be accepted and ‘fit in’. I had developed quite an unhealthy case of “people-pleasing” syndrome; always giving so much to everyone…. Everyone except myself. This left me feeling exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt lost and didn’t recognize who I had become because I had pushed my own intuitions and desires far away.
I got really good at ignoring strong emotions such as anger, fear and sadness. I pretended everything was perfect.

… All until one day I realized that method was no longer working for me.
Through working with my Life Coach in QCP™ sessions and other modalities, I was able to develop healthy emotional management strategies and most especially; I started putting myself at the top of my list to ‘please’ and embraced my authentic self.
I realized that something needed to change and began taking the steps to turn my life around. I found that ZEST for life and knew that I was passionate about engaging with people and creating relationships that allow me to bring these beautiful gifts to others’ lives, as I had done for myself.

With Passion, Purpose and Authenticity, I serve my clients with the life-changing, powerful tools that I used clear up decades of old patterns, dis-empowering strategies and limiting beliefs.
I empower my clients to become aware of the solutions, positive new strategies and resources they have access to, to better manage the daily influx of Life’s Events. Through bold action and implementation clients feel
Stronger, more Courageous and Resilient!