Indentity 2.0 – Full Throttle!

This package is ideal if you want to have on-going support over a 6 month period. There is more set connection time to discovery areas you can advance in your Relationships & Career and create lasting results, over time.

Including 3  Face to Face Sessions, up to 3 hours per session

6 x 30-minute calls in-between to keep you accountable to your goals and navigate unknowns that come up as life ‘happens’. 

Journals are required by the client and their is tasking, based on the goals that the  client wants to reach. 

We start by outlining  your goals, clarity on what you want to achieve and why you want it.

The sessions are intended to discover the connection between the current
struggle(s) you are having and then a customized program is developed for your specific goals and desired results.