Conformity or Non-Conformity?!


Two years ago life was really different! I am SO excited to share my new phase of business that has been developed!

It was two years ago that I started thinking about what I wanted, who I wanted to be and how I wanted to spend my life – I started co-creating and designing a life I want to live.

When I got into a space where I was dreaming BIG dreams and goals again, one of the goals was to facilitate training programs with groups, LIVE! I love the live component, the growth that comes from the entire group experiences, opinions, angles of the teaches and sharing that collectively as a group.

I have taken Dale Carnegie courses, Toast Masters and most recently training in Neuro Linguistic Program and I came to see that my biggest passions are in this personal and professional development area.

In Asia, I dreamed of facilitating as part of the Dale Carnegie Branch or another development group.

What I never saw coming was the development that has been an 8+ month process. It started as an idea, then some brainstorming and after a round of coaching with my personal life coach and now working with a strategic business coach, all of the pieces have come together!

I am SO excited to have created this program that allows Business Professionals to design a harmonized life lived on purpose!

I have taken my extensive background in leadership training programs and qualifications to bring forward this powerful and game-changing course!!

And as divine timing would have, as mentioned in the video above, I stumbled upon a quote from a role-model friend of mine, Kelly Benoit who said “When you are not conforming, you are growing”.

It was EXACTLY what I needed to read in that moment.¬† In was in the days leading up to the first official promotions of this program and naturally, when we are stretching out of the ‘comfort zone’, this little super-imposed box that I felt so safe in, started to feel like the walls were about to come down. And then reading those 8 words, it clicked. I am not conforming with this, I am going against what I have known to do in the past. I am doing something new, something that excites and lights my soul on fire. It is a time of growth, it is a time when I definitely feel like I am ‘going against the grain’. When I have had opportunities to run and host programs that have already been designed and materials created. When I could have a business colleague to run this with and instead I am taking the leap of executing solo. When it would be so comfortable to take one of the many ‘roads’ just mentioned. In that moment, I realized I have to stretch my own boundaries and push the limits on my own self-impose box and rules and DO THIS!

I ask you to think about the concept of conformity;¬† Have you lived life according to other peoples approval or for what is socially acceptable? Do you feel like you want to break the ‘rules’ and the standards/status quo? Do you want to figure out what YOU truly want, need, aspire to and live a harmonized life?

If you I would LOVE to connect with you to discuss this course further and see if it is a fit for you!

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