Do we meet people by chance or on purpose?

THIS is a story that needs to be shared!!

You never know how someone is going to impact your life and where the relationship will take you. We meet people all the time, in some expected and some very unexpected ways, shapes and forms.

Today’s story and message is about one of the unexpected relationships/friendships I made, with an amazing lady!

In October 2016, I was one week away from taking off on my 2+ month sabbatical to South East Asia. I was in the final week of work at a Golf Club as a Wedding and Event Planner. On a grey and cool Tuesday afternoon, a woman in her early 30’s and her mother came into the venue to tour it for an upcoming event they were planning.
As we toured the facility and as part of my process, I asked what event the ladies were looking to host.
The 30-something began to tell me that just days prior, her husband had died suddenly and they needed to plan a Celebration of Life for the following weekend.

I was completely speechless. I could not begin to image what this woman was going through, having lost her husband at such a young age.  I quickly moved through a moment of shock as she shared with me and we continued on with the venue tour process. In a very quick timeframe (15 minutes or so) we organized all of the details and arrangements for her late husband’s celebration. The woman knew exactly what she wanted for him and it was an absolutely beautiful vision.

We spent the next 45 minutes discussing all things in life. She shared about her career as a pro baseball player for team Canada, how she spent time living in Europe also playing baseball and how she was now a business owner and professional speaker. I was completely amazing and in awe of this woman; strong and fearless, a woman who was well travelled and versed in life experiences and who had accomplished goals that I was aspiring for. She was a powerhouse and she was also going through one of the most difficult experiences of her life.

She asked of my story too and I shared of life events leading up to that point in life, how I had recently ended an engagement and was about to embark on a journey abroad myself.

She and I knew right then and there that we had created this beautiful bond and that this was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. She recognized how much I needed this travel and life experience, having been down a similar path. I was so grateful for her incredible support and showing excitement for me and my journey at this time, despite her own sadness and all of the other emotions she was going through at the time. When we left that day, it would be the last time I would see her before the celebration of life because I would be travelling to Asia that same day.

I returned two and a half months later and after a few weeks of being back in Canada, I re-connected with her and we met up for coffee.  I was blown away with all of the continued like-minded connections we had and how natural the friendship picked up where it left off (again, after about an hour and a half meeting, prior).


Fast-forward to October 2017, a year later, as our friendship grew and as we both healed and grew so much individually, we continued to connect on another level. This time when we met up, I was sharing about how I had just signed up for a dating site LOL. I was back in the dating game and ready to take it to the next level.

Jenn shared with me that she too wanted to put herself out there. She felt ready to try. I, quite energetically and loudly proclaimed what a great idea I thought it would be for her to try it. I was also in awe of how much strength and healing she had done to get to this point. That night, in October 2017 Jenn signed herself up on a dating site and 24 hours later, she messaged a man she was interested in and went on a first date.

I am SO happy to share that the dating world conversation and encouragement led Jenn to be one of the blessed ones with online dating. The first date she went on turned into a solid soul connection and they just celebrated their first year anniversary together!

There are so many amazing things that have come from the friendship that Jenn and I have and from the wonderful and continuous synchronistic events that have grown our friendship and connection over the years.

Some of my biggest take-aways:

  •  You never know what resources or friendship/otherwise can come out of a first meeting.
    Jenn connected me to Momondays and other amazing platforms that became huge parts of my life.
  • Sometimes sharing your story or something new you are doing or trying, will encourage, motivate and lead to someone else stepping into something they have wanted for themselves. Sometimes it could be more about what another person gets from your experience.
    In my adventures in online dating to try my luck at love again, it ended shortly. For Jenn hearing of that ‘jump’ I was taking, it gave her just what she needed to hear to take another step on her journey.

Being a connecting piece of Jenn’s puzzle to help get her to the avenue for her to meet her romantic partner is a very powerful take-away for me. It has given me a next level of wanting to give and help others and to especially share  messages.

Sometimes we think we are doing something for ourselves, to learn, to grow, to put ourselves out there, to gain immediate and direct benefit. Yet, how many times has something that we originally intended on or set out on for ourselves, turned into helping someone else out, without even realizing it at the time.

I encourage you to think about the ways that you have helped others in your life. Is it possible that your experience, once shared with another, has positively influenced someone else’s life? Something that you may have seen as a loss, a failure or a ‘miss’ for you, that could be a huge win for another?  A ripple effect for another person. The next time you feel like holding back on something that you are so deeply feeling compelled to share with someone, remember this story, put on your vulnerability pants and share your truth. You never know how it can change another human beings’ trajectory in an absolutely powerful way!

Dream BIG my friends,
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Dedicated to Gary & Derek – Always in our hearts

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