Finding Joy in the Journey!

There’s always this ‘bittersweet’, ‘catch-22’… call it what you will. Its that spot between wanting to be at the end of the journey, to arrive at what has been building and anticipated. While also not wanting it to come and go too quickly (well the fun and positive things anyways!)

One of the most relatable ways it comes up for me is with vacations and travel! I LOVE to travel and explore new parts of the world and there is a great anticipation & excitement leading up to the travel.

When I traveled to South East Asia there were also other factors that came up throughout the process; “unpredictable’s”, fears around travelling to a foreign country where English was not the first language. Different customs, geography and “lay-of-the-land”. I thought about my safety while over there and also combatted friends and families ‘concerns’ and/or tips along the way. Knowing full well that the tips and guidance, etc. was all with the best of intentions. It also meant navigating through what were the things that I was concerned about and what were the things that others brought to my attention that were not part of my thought processes or concern at the time.

At the beginning of the planning process, gearing up for the literal travel journey was another entire journey and process on its own! For any of us who have ever started something new, planned an event, business idea/project or an extended travel, we often start out with little or no experience in our “tool belt”. And rightfully so, if we have never done something, we have to learn how and the learning is in the doing.

For some, the step-by-step planning process comes very easily; knowing what to do first, second, third, etc. Putting a methodical, researched and structured plan into place. For others, we know the end result – we want to travel to X, Y, & Z but all of those steps in between, we have no idea how to get to.
It was only by going through the process of planning an extended international travel journey, that I am able to now know how to go about the process. I referenced friends and family who had travelled internationally, I aligned and met with professionals in the industry to gain knowledge and there was a piece of the puzzle that came unexpectedly to me. The part where other pieces of the puzzle came into play as I continued to take action on the parts of the puzzle that I found out how to connect on.

By the end of that planning journey, I certainly learned a lot! I learned some things that I would definitely not do in the future. And I also learned that as much planning, visioning and goal-setting (in any area of life) – there is only so much that you can plan for and then other pieces of the puzzle come into place as the travel adventure unfolds.

There were SO many amazing conversations, new connections and relationships built, learning about parts of the world I had previously not known a lot about. It was also a journey to discover the style of travelling that I most preferred.There was so much ‘joy in the journey’, the pieces that needed to be laid out to get to where I wanted to go … And that doesn’t even cover the experiences and learnings throughout the journey of travelling in SE Asia!!! I’ll save that for another time though! 😉

I encourage you to take a look back on the journeys you have had in life; taking a new course, growing a department in your company, planning and executing new strategies with your management team, becoming a parent, planning a wedding, or whatever your past Think about what you know now and what the journey was like for you? (and maybe you are in the middle of it right now). What did you learn along the way, that if there was no space between “A & Z”, you would have missed half of the learnings and joy of experiences as you went?

If you or someone you know is dreaming of travelling international and are not sure how to make it come to fruition; from getting the extended time off of work, paying for the travel while maintaining the bills that come in while you’re away or where to begin in putting all of the travel pieces together – You’re in Luck!!  I will be rolling out the guide on how to do exactly that – how to plan an extended travel holiday while working full-time & making ends meet!

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Friends!!

Dream BIG my friends!
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