How being able to receive affects the cashflow!


Ahhh giving and receiving!

This weeks’ video really captures what this whole concept is all about! It especially hit me in the face (figuratively and for lack of better term!) when I stepped into the world of Entrepreneurship & venturing out in the Business World.

That said, no matter the industry you are in, if in the corporate world, etc. both personally and professionally there is a direct correlation between how we receive the seemingly ‘small’ things compared to receiving monetarily.

Compliments can be the simplest way to receive and yet also one of the most difficult things to accept graciously and end at that. From experience and observation there is a need to make excuses, to down play accomplishments, to discredit ourselves for work well done or major accomplishments achieved.

We come by it honestly and from what I have witnessed and observed is that people do not do this consciously. It is most often outside of our conscious awareness until someone points it out to us.

Another concept within the realm of receiving that really hits home is this beautiful quote:

“If the opportunity is in front of you, you are ready for it, or else it wouldn’t be here”

Can I get a ‘HECK YES!!!’ LOL

This is everything. How often do we wish for, ask for, dream of and envision things to come about in our lives. Opportunities for business development and growth, a new experience within our jobs/careers, a new relationship that is healthy and communicative, etc. I could legit write a full page of things that we want and set out to get. How many of you are vision board creators and goal setters? And while I respect and appreciate those forms of visioning but I also believe there is another side that needs to be taken into consideration. What happens when that very thing we wished for ‘lands on our doorstep’? When it arrives, we say “oh, I’m not ready”, or “Now isn’t a good time”, “maybe when I have more money”, and on and on and onnnn.

THIS is a pure example of how we must practice getting good at receiving the compliments, the offers and gestures presented and most especially accepting the opportunities we have set out for, when they show up on our ‘door step’. I too have been a culprit and its a practice and I was given tools to break old patterns and habits to start allowing and receiving all that I am worthy and deserving of receiving.

And at that, I ask you to think about this: if you asked for these things, why is it that it is difficult to accept it when it is in front of us?

What I have learned is that it is not as straight-forward, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer and it depends on the individual, their conditioning through childhood and so many other factors. It is one of the areas that I dive into with coaching clients, especially business professionals who want to take their business to the next level. The common theme I see is that the client wants to receive an abundant amount of financial growth, exponential new clients on-board and increased community reach. Absolutely, it makes complete sense to want all of that.

…It also means that the business owner, corporation manager, sales professional (whom ever this connects with) needs to grow and increase in their own right; growing personally, levelling up to be able to receive all that comes with that growth to be the person who can receive all that they asked for and be able to manage at that next level, all of what comes with that ‘up level’. And 9/10 times, the strategic pieces are lined up, the individual knows what needs to happen from a logical, structured and systematic space.

And that’s where our coaching comes in, I dive in with clients to uncover whatever is preventing the expansion and BOOM of growth so that they can get breakthrough to the level that they want to be achieving and receiving the success they set out for!

If this is something you have been struggling with or if you know someone who would benefit from receiving  😉  help to move to the next level of growth in their lives personally and/or professionally, I encourage you to reach out. I offer a complimentary discovery call to find out more about the process and pricing and to discuss what coaching options would specifically fit you and your individual needs.
Connect with me via e-mail at or phone me today to set up your free consult  416-899-9829.

What did you ask for 30, 60, 90 days ago that you want to receive? Is it showing up for you now?
Remember – it wouldn’t be sitting in front of you, ‘at your door-step’ if you weren’t ready for the opportunity!
Start with the small things, work your way up to the bigger stuff and keep striving for all you deserve!!!

Dream BIG my friends,
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