Infusion™ Signature Program

The ‘Deep Dive’, The ‘OG’, The Transformation of ALL Transformations!

This program is for clients who want to find a deeper connection with themselves.
If you want to work on a relationship with a significant other or yourself at a deep, soul level or want to excel your career & business vision to the next-level of success and know that it will take more time, energy and investment because it’s a BIG freakin’ goal/vision that scares you and excites you all at once!! …This is a time when it’s a good ‘scary’ 😉

What is included

  • 15-21 Hours of Face to Face Sessions
  • 15-21 Hours of “behind-the-scenes” working on your program
  • Unlimited phone, email, text access to me as needed Includes a Quantum Change Process
  • Techniques such as Time Line Therapy are also part of the process to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • This process comes with my personal guarantee on results (as long as you follow the program as specifically outlined by me otherwise of course I would be unable to guarantee anything).
  • This is a “do with” process not a “do to” process

How it works

This is a more intensive process. This is a 5-7 session process that is designed for you to meet the outcomes you desire. It is a heavily task-oriented process (I.e. daily journaling) and designed to Breakthrough the problem preventing you from living the fullest life you have always dreamed and imagined!

During the process we will classify the limiting decisions and negative emotions that are present and using NLP, Timeline Therapy™, Hypnotherapy & Quantum Change Process Level 1™ we will remove them by breaking down limiting beliefs, negative emotions, disempowering strategies & patterns, eliminating  obstacles & creating healthy new strategies neurologically & installing them and reprograming new ways of thinking and feeling mentally and emotionally strong to experience life from a place of power and intentional positive action in a place of your authentic self.

The program sessions are customized individually for each client based on what is particular to their needs and desired outcomes.