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First a side note! The more I write and record on various topics connected to life; business, relationships, health, etc. the most common theme I run into from a place of creation and living is, in some way, shape or form –  the ‘Comfort Zone’. I relate a lot to this and it has become connected to a lot of areas between where I am and who I am becoming along the journey. When developing new skills and abilities, the ‘Comfort Zone’ is pushed and once we get out of it and then once we master a new skill or ability, or situation in life, another ‘Comfort Zone’ shows up for us to push through. Forever up levelling!

In this weeks’ vlog Leaning In was front and centre. Another ‘Comfort Zone’ push, in my opinion because it means to me: getting closer to the stuff that I don’t want to look at.
The concept for me is specifically leaning into the discomfort, the parts that are emotionally present. The parts that connect us to our closest relationships with others and ourselves most especially.

The video highlights a lot to do with Leaning IN and then synchronicity has it that I had a great conversation with a friend about  ‘Leaning ON’, after that video was recorded. And it’s the kind of Leaning On that you might not think of when hearing that!

This form of ‘leaning on’ came up in our conversation when we were talking about business and the behavioural styles within leaders, organizations, etc. Confession: I totally geek-out with that kind of conversation!
Specifically in that we can get caught up, as business professionals, to lean quite heavily on specific skills sets that we have developed. Skills that may be 10, 20 years running, that become crutches to lean on.
And the caution with that, what I have found anyways, is that those skills can get leaned on so strongly that an individual solely utilizes skills from this one ‘tool box’. They are repeated and repeated. Without adjustment, new creation, outside-of-the-box thinking, trying new ways of doing things.
Completely recognizing that we all are doing the best we can with the resources that we have and behaviours over time can become repetitious and unaware to a person closest to it – the person emulating the behaviour.

What can be done about this? A few things:

It comes back to the Leaning IN concept from the video – to me, it takes reflection. Getting Curious 🙂

Below are a few ways get curious and questions to ask yourself: 

  • Take a look at  the content being shared in your business
  • Has the content been repeated for more than a year without any changes?
    What ways can you change the content if that is the case?
  • Has the demographic of who you are presenting to changing?
  • Is there something more that can be learned, sourced and delivered by another person in a complimentary field of expertise?
  • Can you connect with 3-5 people who have attended your event/seminar/program in the past or who you respect and fits your target market that you can ask focused questions to figure out what could be added, adjusted or changed?

As with Social Media (it seems to be pointed out the most right now) and a lot of other areas of life; time continues to move forward, things are ever-changing and staying current and up-to-date with everything from information to technology, to how to genuinely interact with and create authentic interpersonal relationships – we have to continue to adapt and grow.

I encourage you to think about an area of life you can update a skill or a relationship. Is there an area of interest or a hobby you have wanted to take-up that you have been avoiding because you have a current interest that you do so well?

Is there a system, skill or presentation in your work that could use a little extra TLC, UMPH, you name it!

Lean in and get curious, ask yourself a question that will challenge the old pattern and mix things up a bit!

Dream BIG my friends,
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