Welcome to our new show “Destined Connections”!

Its a space where we have inspiring and insightful conversations with a variety of people in our community and connect on; relationships, passions, values, independence, travel adventures, purpose. Ultimately giving guidance and tools to live with happy and healthy relationships and lives.
Providing wisdom, insights, #infobombs, and ah-ha moments!


Episode 1

In this episode Danielle speaks with Adi Aman about communication, compromise, vulnerability and keys to happy, healthy, wealthy relationships.


Episode 2

Danielle speaks with Bianca Rollo about trust in relationships, communication- especially listening and how being friends first builds a solid foundation in happy, healthy relationships.

Bianca is an incredible musician who has performed across Ontario and in the U.S. Bianca provides acoustic solo musical sound and also has a talented full band for live music at venues for weddings and special events. If you would like to add a unique and fun component to your next event or wedding, Bianca solo and band styles have you covered!

To connect with Bianca she can be reached via email  at:


Episode 3

Danielle and Foster discuss interdependence within relationships, traveling after high school vs. going right into College/University and the personal development achieved in travelling.

Foster is a true entrepreneur! He is wise beyond his years; a Financial Planner who is passionate about helping clients grow their financial portfolio and giving sound guidance in the process.

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Episode 4


 Danielle and Ali discuss trust; trusting yourself and decisions to follow your heart during a difficult time. We also discuss how taking ourselves out of our comfort zone environment can give a whole new perspective on life and what we want.
Alison is a true heart-centred woman. After experiencing a number of losses and personal emotional challenges in her life, she turned to different methods of inner transformation and holistic modalities. Alison has a well rounded educational background as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and post secondary education in Psychology at York University. Today Alison is a practitioner of the many tools that facilitated an extraordinary transformation in her own life.

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