As I write this blog, another layer of perfectionism is being shredded! LOL

This week it’s all about Perfectionism and it started with me putting out my Vlog that connects to this Blog. I am coming to the end of a cold and cough that I have had for 4 days now. Today is day 5 and I was well enough to get out of the house and get back into work mode, while making sure I didn’t over-do-it!  It was also time to get the Vlog ready for this week and while for a moment, I tossed around the idea of post-poning it because I was sick and may not execute the message ‘perfectly’ because of coughing fits, etc., it actually helped me in two ways!

  1.  I came up with the topic for the video
  2.  I got to practice what I preach and embrace the imperfection of being sick and still sticking to the schedule and commitment of putting out content that I hold myself to

Not to mention, there were two brief coughs throughout and I fully planned on editing them out … but where would I be ‘walking the walk’ if I had done that?!? (Thank you for minding the 2 coughing moments! LOL)

Perfectionism can look different for all of us. Growing up, I remember going over to some friends’ houses who had the ‘white room’. The White Room was the definition of perfect, to me. It was a room with beautiful, pristine, white couches (that looked like they had never been sat on), beautifully clean and fluffy carpet (that looked like it had never been walked on) every vase and decorative piece placed precisely and it oozed ‘perfection’ LOL.

Through my eyes it was a lot based on appearances; an outfit that fit crisply, clean lines and the most appropriate accessories to match. The student in my class with the best grades, they were ‘perfect’. And if I were to roll it into 2018 reference – its that highlight reel, or the ‘fake news’, as one of my friends puts it!
Everything in photos and feeds on social media can look so perfect.

Amidst the throws of perfectionism, is why I love connecting with people and finding out more about their story. You never know where someone has come from, what they have overcome in their life to make them into the person that they are today.  What we view as perfectionism, or our own lacking in comparison when you never know what that persona you view of perfection is really going through, day to day.

Two big extremes from having perfect living rooms, perfect outfits vs. perfect relationships, perfect career life, etc. And at the end of the day, what perfect is to each of us, can vary extremely.

Another game-changer for me, another Brene Brown piece!  Her book, ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ was the first book I read on my personal coaching journey, recommended by my life coach.

It helped me understand perfection on a whole different level, it helped me to accept my imperfections…. myself. I was able to loosen the strict and high regard that I held myself to, the regard that was both virtually exhausted and impossible all at the same time. Reading this book allowed me to let go of so much that I was holding onto, to embrace all of my ‘stuff’.

I encourage you to think about how perfection has impacted your life; your judgement of yourself, of others, of material things or even values or qualities in you/others. Before now, did you feel unaffected by it and now giving it another glance?

From the video above; is there a mantra or a re-framing focus like ‘Good enough is good enough’ something that you can start to implement in daily tasks, how clean your house is before friends/family come over, etc.?

Where in your life can you give yourself a little slack? Cut yourself a break and go easy on yourself?

If perfectionism is something you are struggling with and want to overcome; read the book or listen to the audible by Brene Brown or reach out to me and I would be happy to have a 30 minute call to hear more about what is going on and if one of the coaching options is a good fit for you!

Dream BIG my friends,

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