What Danielle’s Clients Have Shared

“I had the pleasure of receiving a breakthrough from Danielle Reaume and it was truly life changing.
She was able to give me clarity and help me work towards where I truly want to be in life. Her bubbly, kind and beautiful personality made me feel comfortable and allowed me to trust her with what I was dealing with. She provided me with several insights that will change the way I live my life. Danielle is supportive and has a true gift for healing and helping people. Words cannot express my gratitude for the inspiration and love that resulted from the breakthrough she provided me with.”
Rachel P, Toronto

“I’ve tried every modality out there including Yoga, Meditating, Hypnotherapy, Psychologists, Timeline Re-patterning, Tapping, and more. Some have had different effects than others, but none were as effective and easy as my QCP session with Danielle. In a non-invasive, non-intimidating, comfortable way, Danielle was able to help me recall experiences I’ve forgotten about, and understand the effects and feelings I’ve retained since the original experience occurred. Once uncovering and understanding what I needed to know, Danielle was very compassionate and understanding in guiding me through the QCP process. The result was simply amazing. I feel many subconscious and emotional blocks have been cleared. I feel many limiting beliefs are cleared. I feel happier, more confident, more positive, and on my way to living the life I’ve always wanted for myself. Thank You Danielle.”
MS, Toronto

“I had the privilege of working with Danielle in receiving a breakthrough and, in just a few sessions, she helped me to smash my limiting beliefs and quiet down my “monkey mind”. She also assisted me in getting really clear on one specific goal and kept me accountable to get into action on it. If you are looking for a coach who is both loving, fun, and will not let your B.S. take over you, Danielle is your girl”
Bonnie C, Toronto

“Going through the QCP experience with Danielle helped me in realizing how dynamic our body and mind connection really is. It was a powerful session during which I was able to overcome some mental obstacles that I knew I had to deal with, as well as ones that I didn’t even realize were existing.
The reflection period helped me to understand the root of why I had been holding on to these thoughts and emotions and why I experienced patterns in my responses, leaving me equipped to take control when negativity tries to creep in.
Her professional approach helped unravel some deeply rooted emotions with a calming and empathetic awareness. She has aided in easing both my physical and emotional responses to stressful situations and provided me with the right mechanisms to understand and manage these responses in a positive manner. Thanks Danielle, it was truly a pleasure working through the QCP experience with you.”
KW, Barrie

“Upon reflection on working with Danielle in a QCP session…Expressing one’s pain and being validated with no “yea butts” is huge.
Letting go and forgiving is the only way…Danielle did just that…
Validated and gave me the insight to forgive from the heart and soul and not just the voice. It just feels right.”
Annette Lavigne, Innisfil