Shifting Perspectives Shifts Results!

I couldn’t get over the trick my eyes were playing on me last week! As I shared in the video, I was looking down the fairway to the 3rd hole green on a golf course that I have played many times and it looked different.

I wasn’t sure if I was losing it, if I needed glasses or if it was in fact, different in some way!

It was profound in that moment because I saw how much it applied to my life. I can look at a situation from a defensive prospective, from a stance of victimhood, etc. or from a healthier place.  I have control of how I look at the situations and how sometimes seeing a new perspective; whether looking at it from a different ‘angle’ or through the influence of another person reframing the situation – it can change.

When I think of examples of how it has applied to life from a non-golf reference, I consistently come back to a concept I learned about communicating and relating to people.

“Accept the Other Person’s Model of the World”

Everyone has different values, beliefs and ideals. In order to communicate with others effectively, it is important to accept their ideas. It by no means has to become our way of thinking. Simply by accepting their ideals, we open up our minds to the possibility of making a deeper connection with people.

By allowing ourselves to accept the other persons’ model of the world, we are able to be more compassionate, more effective communicators and most of all, more accepting of the people who are different from us.

This concept can immediately shift you into looking at a different perspective because it allows you to consider the point of view, opinion, etc. that a person is presenting to you, in a context of where they are coming from, for what they model in their concept of the world. Some of the most common examples are political beliefs, religious beliefs, parenting styles, career choice – to name a few.  I felt a lot of freedom once I considered this lesson on Models of the World and I hope that this message can shed some light or a new way of thinking/looking at things for you too!

This week I encourage you to think about someone in your life whom you previously had difficulty communicating with and/or understanding. When you are with them next practice accepting their model of the world and consider where they are coming from. Listen intently and respect their viewpoint. See if something shifts for you, if it changes your outlook, if you understand and make sense of it differently than before. Perhaps you will hear them in a new way – be open to test it out and have fun with it!!

Dream BIG my friends,
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