Self-development, self-discovery… SELF-Validation!

  Last weekends’ events and some incredible conversations I had after sparked the content for this weeks’  blog! This weekend I spent time at a cottage with girl friends who are like sisters to me. We share 15 years of friendship. We have had the best times, we have been beside each other through it […]

Signs of Overwhelm & Ways to Move Forward

Overwhelm…. oh overwhelm! Overwhelm can show in various aspects of life. For various reasons and in different ways, depending on who you are speaking to. I had overwhelm show up recently, in this journey in Business. Before I had the awareness of what overwhelm looked like for me, I did not know the warning signs […]

Online Dating… or Bust!

This months’ blogs are all themed around love, relationships and dating. The February 14th edition was around self-love; finding love, self-worth and self-acceptance within, which I was previously looking for externally. Before I reached this beautiful bliss point of my relationship with self I dipped my toes into unfamiliar waters; the wonderful world of Online […]

SELF Love… what a f*%king concept!!

This year, at this hallmark time of love, my relationship status is a lot different because it has new meaning to me this year. For the majority of my 20’s and after my most recent long-term relationship ended, I was what I refer to as a ‘serial dater’. I had a lot of short-term relationships […]