The Confidence Code™
Online G
roup Coaching Program

I get it – you are the go, go, go-stop at nothing to achieve what you want in life- independent woman!
But lately, you haven’t felt like ‘yourself’…

The Confidence Code is a Four Month Program created to help you rediscover who you are.
  A beautiful mix of group coaching, online learning, a super-cool book club 😉 and a supportive, powerful community of other driven women to help you re-route and get back to feeling clear, confident, empowered and to renew your zest for life!

This is the program for you if you feel;

~ Stuck and want to feel passionate and excited or life again but you have tried everything and are not sure how to get there

~You have lost your “mojo” for your business/career and want to get it back

~You have read/learned a lot about personal growth and are curious to learn more about your ‘higher-self’ connection

~You want vibrant, healthy, adventurous romantic love & are tired of being ‘too busy’ to attract a ‘good match’

~You feel like a “lone-wolf” and want to find a tribe that you can relate to

~You have been curious about receiving support from a coach

I have created the road map to help you uncover what has always been there. Life is a journey, but sometimes we get off track. This is like a personal navigation system that helps you re-route.
Or if you need to get there faster, I can help you reach your destination in plenty of time to enjoy your life more genuinely.
I call it – leveling up!

What You’ll Get

4 x Monthly 90 Minute Live Coaching Calls

4 x Monthly 60 Minute Teaching Edutainment Calls
That’s right! Online learning, education and FUN!!

4 x Monthly Themes & a Clear Road Map for the monthly content

Personal Assessments to discover more of what makes you uniquely ‘You’

Monthly Tasks (think ‘action steps’ to fine tune your confidence muscle!)

Book Club!!! One book per month connected to the topic of the monthly confidence coaching theme!

Private What’s App Group Chat

On-going guidance & support

A Community – your High-Vibe Tribe !!!

…And SO much more!!!

Doors Close JUNE 14th at MIDNIGHT and won’t be open back up until late September!