What do YOU want? It isn’t by accident!!

“You are wired to want what you want!” – Ernie Pavan

As I mentioned in the video this week – we all have a burning desire inside to create or do something that sets our soul on fire! … And perhaps those aren’t exactly the words you would use to describe the feeling, desire, longing, craving but whatever way you ‘slice it’, it is within all of us!!

It can take all different forms, depending on what it is you want to do and what you are passionate about. I spent a great part of my journey in the last two years figuring out exactly what that was.

Fast-forward to today and I now know whole-heartedly that one of my biggest passions and what sets my soul on fire is helping guide others to figure out what their passions and creative expressions are and what makes them tick. One big step in the process that is a must as far as I am concerned, is removing limiting beliefs or decisions or other blocks that would normally prevent me/others from cultivating their BIG dreams and passions. To then set out on a path and course of action to receive!!

…Now I am going to take this relational!!

Let’s connect on the concept of being in an aligned romantic relationship for a minute! I have met countless women (Ok men too, but on this subject, more women); friends, colleagues, clients, ladies at community events who I have spoken to on the subject.

Another BIG passion of mine!

For a long time, I was running limiting beliefs about my desire to have a life-partner that I was aligned and connected with at a soul level. To have an emotional connection with them … after I figured out what the F an emotional connection meant for me LOL. Which developed into someone who had common interests, similar views on life and goals for the future (among a long list of other things!)

Yet, the voice in my head, the ‘track’ I was running, sounded nothing like that. The voice in my head would down play, minimize, reduce my wants, my wiring! It reduced it to things like “I am independent, I am ok on my own, I’ve got this!”, “who needs the headaches, I should just settle, I am tired of waiting for what does not seem to be coming to me”.

What the actual F$%k was that little monkey mind thinking?!! (That’s what the voice sounds like now! LOL)

From a young age, I believed in ‘true love’. Sure, that has evolved since I was 8 years old  (slightly 😉) and grown into much more clarity of what ‘true love’ and an aligned relationship means to me. Back in the days of Disney Fairy-tale movies is where the dream began!!!

What I have come to see now is, I am wired to want what I want!!! 😊 – YOU are wired to want what you want!!

Instead of running the track of what I thought I didn’t want, I started running the track of what I WANTED out with a life-partner love. And it doesn’t stop there; I listened to videos, read books, and worked with a life coach to work through the limiting beliefs, got clear on what I wanted and with the help, guidance and accountability from my coach, I took massive action to get to this place of receiving an aligned relationship.

Two years ago, after the culmination of a marriage engagement that did not feel aligned for me, I didn’t know where to turn to start rebuilding and figuring out what I wanted.

After the years of work I have done to co-create and get clear on what it is I want for my self and in a relationship with an aligned partner, I have pulled together the powerful pieces that helped me. I have created a Relationship Guide to Aligned Love.  It will be up on my website before Christmas – stay tuned!

I want to leave you with this story that cemented in my belief in Fairy-Tale love.
At a Women’s Day event a few months after my engagement/relationship ended, I met an amazing mentor, spirit guide and friend – Kelly Benoit, who was co-facilitating the event. Kelly is a medium and intuitive; Check her out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Intuitive.Kelly.Benoit/ or on her website http://www.kellybenoit.com/ – she is incredible!!

As soon as we met I knew I wanted to get to know her better and have a reading done with her. Kelly connects with spirit and you essentially and delivers messages through writing. I’ll never forget what she said to me in that first session as she read the messages for me to receive.

Her exact words were: “Yes, you can absolutely have fairy-tale love”

…I froze in my chair. I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She had no way of knowing, because we had never talked about my beliefs in romantic relationships. Those were the words I used, that was what I held onto deep down inside. It had just been surfacing lately again and I was pushing it down. I was ‘looking the other way’ and discrediting what my heart and soul wanted, what I believed so deeply was true and possible for me.

I left my session with Kelly feeling re-ignited. I regained some hope that I felt I had lost. And while this is one of the many pieces of the journey to my finding an aligned relationship, it was huge catalyst.

I am very grateful for being connected with Kelly, to further explore spirituality. I think it is SO important that while we are on this journey back to loving ourselves and finding our truest selves and what we want for our lives, along the way we also need the support and encouragement from others. The positive encouragement to keep pushing us towards our dreams.

After all, we are wired to want what we want!!

Dream BIG my friends,
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