When Business ‘Worlds’ Collide… in the Best Way!

I had a great time collaborating with Craig Ripley this week of Podium Prosperity Group!

After many conversations at our Business Marketing group meetings, we realized how many parallels with Life Coaching and Financial Advising there are. We wanted to highlight some myths and share some synergies with the two industries and life in general!

Some of the top ‘take-away’s and ah-ha moments that I gained from the experience:

1. Have a plan and be open to it evolving.

As with finances; the same applies for our life goals, achieving tasks and getting the results that we set out for. This week I was reminded of the power of the combination of having a plan and knowing where I want to go and also being flexible and having an open-mind about it. I used to get so stuck on things going a particular way and according to that first set plan (As in the blog from two weeks ago on ‘Plan B’! http://daniellereaume.ca/are-you-reacting-or-creating/)

I now see how important it is to have a focus and idea of how we want to get there COMBINED with staying open minded. The component of ‘Expectations’ or ‘Scarcity Mindset’ speak loudly to me with this one. Being flexible and open to new paths that show up in life can bring even BETTER results than originally plan. Why limit the potential and adjustments that can come when we are in the space to receive all that is coming to us and being provided for our highest good.

Scarcity Mentality is defined as “The belief that everything is limited, that there is not enough of the ‘piece of pie’ to go around”.

And when the word is broken down it reads ~ Scar-City. How I interpret it is and how it connects to life coaching is that when we are in Scarcity mindset, there has been old hurts, experiences in our past that trigger our scars and then our minds feel the limits that the scars developed in us.

The way I have noticed scarcity creeping in is when I realize I am getting fixated on there only being one outcome that I want to have/will ‘accept’ for myself. It used to show up for me when I was applying to jobs or waiting to get accepted to a program. Sometimes even in dating LOL.
Realizing that there are various ways that the outcome can unfold and focusing intention and affirmations around “What is the best outcome for me and allowing it to unfold easily and effortlessly” is a huge help. Another way to shift is to step back. Recognizing and having the awareness is another step toward shifting to being open to what else may evolve.

Just like in financial planning; be open to the plan and your path evolving with time.

2. The connection to emotions and previous personal experience around finances

Finances can be one of the top things that people do not want to look at or address in life. I can speak personally when I share that I too did not want to go down the path of financial awareness, knowledge, etc.

I loved when Craig mentioned that 9 times out of 10, a persons financial situation is not nearly to the degree than what our slick minds have made it up to be.

I find it to be true to so much of the ‘monkey mind’ that tried to run my thoughts before I started to get coaching and realized that most of what I was thinking, I was making up! And the level it affected me was overbearing a lot of the time.

A lot of what comes from sitting down with a ‘coach’ or professional in any capacity, whether in health, mind, finances, etc. is that we are asking for help! We are getting guidance from someone who specializes in that particular field. The benefits of getting an understanding, knowledge and awareness of the current situation and options, tools and resources to use in our future gives such a great deal of benefit. Peace of mind, support, knowledge, a plan and preparation are just a few of the incredible ways that life is enhanced when consulting with professionals who can help you navigate areas of life that may not come ‘first hand’ to you.

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