Why Taking Time for #1 Enhances Business & Personal Life

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Melissa Ferguson, Owner of ‘Beauty and Babes’ Salon in Barrie.
As shared in the Vlog, Melissa rebranded the concept of her Salon when she recently became a mom and saw how important and also neglected self-care can be once you become a mom.

Along with other things in life; when  a huge shift or change to our ‘every day’ occurs, more or new responsibility is added, etc., time can quickly become consumed by the life shift.

Becoming a parent, starting a new business, switching careers, becoming a main care-giver for an ill parent/family member are some of the ways in which responsibilities in life change and when that happens, often times self-care is the first thing to be neglected or dismissed altogether. When new priorities are added, timing and schedules are changed and adjusted and without re-evaluation brings in the loss of the other important priorities that were once present.

In the past 6 months or so I have done a lot of work and research around scheduling and timing, making non-negotiables in day-to-day activities and getting more purposeful in how timing is allotted.I have learned that that is a key to help with managing life when new priorities come up and to best maintain a healthy lifestyle. The maintenance most-definitely includes self-care.

As Melissa and I discussed in this video, typically when we have this life-changing, added responsibility come into our lives, the first thing to go is self-care. We both have found that when intentional planning and scheduling ‘life’ is implemented, it has great positive effects.

I have learned over the course of this area of learning has been an ever-flowing and evolving system that needs to be re-evaluated and adjusted as life priorities change, especially when things change drastically.

On my Vlog last week I discussed the concept of  Freedom Vs. Discipline (View the video here!)  and how when it comes to schedules and timing, there are different ways to go about it and how the two mesh togethe. Some individuals do best with a rigid schedule where everything is noted by the hour… or even the minute, in some cases LOL. Others prefer a schedule that has a lot of open space for flexibility because they find that when there is room for spontaneity some of the best creation, opportunities and enjoyment are created.

Everyone has a different method to their ways. Some schedule styles are more dictated by certain responsibilities that individuals have in life.

What I found works for me is to have a schedule and use it as a strike guideline. There are times when things change in the schedule because there are certain pieces out of my direct control. Its in those spaces and moments of change where new opportunities or other things and adjustments can be made. Other times, there is added inspiration or content to give to a creative task that I have that directly fits with and is what is needed to do the activity/complete the task!

I encourage you to think about your life and priorities. Is self-care something that shows up for you and is a part of your weekly schedule? Is it something that falls to the bottom of the list and gets forgotten about?

If you don’t currently follow a schedule for life, I would recommend trying it for a week to see if it makes a difference. Get as detailed or vague as you need, see if it makes a difference.

Some would say that if it is not in the calendar, it won’t get done. Make yourself a priority, add in time for you, even it is a half an hour a week to start off. Self-care can take so many forms; reading, journaling, eating a meal alone, watching a movie, getting pampered with a new hair style, manicure, playing a sport you love, etc. It is about doing something for YOU, with YOU with the intention to connect to yourself and show yourself some TLC.

With creating time for yourself in your schedule and the other things you have to do, it can create great habits, discipline and inevitably freedoms!

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